Career & Life Direction

Coaching for your career and new life direction. Get back in the game and reclaim what matters most. Find your best career or new life direction in just 12 short weeks. 


Coaching to help you discover purpose and meaning in your life. This coaching is from a deeper perspective. And much of it is FREE. . . to fulfill our purpose.

Life Coach Office

Receive your own personal login for "Life Coach Office," an account providing access to your own online journal, library, classroom, video instruction, and more!

What You Can Expect From Us

When making any change, we all want to know what to dipping your toe in the water before plunging in. At Direction Connection, you can expect ...

  • A place where none of the coaching lasts more than 12 weeks. Where if your intentions are real, you'll have a new direction within 3 months.
  • A place determined to get you what you came for. That strives to go beyond your expectations.
  • A place that will fully engage with your efforts to succeed. Where the coach will get down in the trenches with you to help you find your way.
  • A place where the coaching is understandable. Where everything is simplified to make it more simple for you to do what needs to get done.
  • A place that's highly affordable. That wants to help as many succeed as possible, not just a few.
  • A place with support between sessions and the additional support of a therapist when needed.
  • A place with a virtual classroom and resources available to you between sessions, accessible from most anywhere and any device.
  • A place that celebrates what makes you stand out.


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