Our Approach

Direction Connection is where you will find specialized coaching to help you find your best career or new direction. We approach everything we do here from your point of view because we're all about you and what you most need. Needs like...

Comfort. We know the most uncomfortable thing for anyone is starting something new. That's why we work hard here to make your transition into change as smooth as possible.

Solutions. You come with certain expectations. We want to be the place where you'll always know you’ll get what you came for. We want your experience here to be so profound you'll want to spread the word.

Speed. You'd naturally like solutions sooner than later. That's why no program here lasts more than 12 weeks. If your intentions are real, you can be on your way with a new direction in 3 months!

Simplicity. Progress involves learning to do new things and learning new things can be complicated. We work hard to make everything more simple here so it's more simple for you to do what's hard.

Connection. You didn't come to be preached at. We don't stand on the sidelines and coach. Neither do we shy away from emotion because we're human too. We freely offer a hand when needed, and get in the trenches with you to help you find your way.

Support. We go out of our way to provide all the support you need. And even supply additional support when necessary, such as when therapy is needed. And we price our coaching to be as affordable to as many as possible.

Understanding. You are one of a kind and we believe your coaching experience should recognize that. We work hard at getting to know you so your experience here is as effective as possible.

We approach everything from your point of view because you are the point of everything we do.

Our Story

Hi. My name is Al Gardner. I am a certified life coach, and the founder and president of Direction Connection. My inspiration for Direction Connection was born out of my own personal experience seeking good direction and great coaching and not finding it. At the time, I needed someone to enable me to unearth what I wanted for my life and to help me find a way to get there. A decision I had made, years earlier, had changed the trajectory of my life from mental health and personal development, to sales. And though I had some success in sales, it was not my greatest gift nor my passion.

Out of all my struggle, I developed a real heart for people feeling powerless to make their lives work. So, I began to shift my sails back into personal development, finding employment in human services, and career advancement and completed training to become a Certified Life Coach. For many years I worked as a crisis counselor. I coached people, all while working various jobs to supplement my income.

My goal was to build a coaching organization that would satisfy what seemed missing from much of the coaching out there. I wanted to offer a more engaging, "hands-on" approach than I was used to seeing. I wanted to do more than simply offer positive experiences or just "pep talks." I wanted to dramatically alter people’s lives in a positive way, so much so that they'd leave with far more than they came for or expected!

I dreamed of a place where a collaboration could exist between coach, client, coaches of other specializations, employers, and other experts in the field, to produce better solutions at an accelerated pace. I dreamed of a place where one-on-one and small group coaching could be found. And, most importantly, a place that would go out of its way to help you get what you came to get…and more!

Although I feel this vision is still in the process of becoming, I believe it’s time to throw open the doors to those wanting change and willing to come grow with us.

So, welcome to our site! Thanks for checking us out!

Meet the Team

For this place to be all it was envisioned to be, we had to call upon the expertise of others.

Al Gardner

Founder & President

Al is a certified life coach with degrees in communications, psychology, and theology. He's worked in sales, human services, and career advancement. He is married with two children.

Colin Pone

Execution Strategist

Colin's been in business leadership for more than a decade. He has a natural talent for qualitative analysis, strategic planning, and timely execution. He is married with five children.

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