Coaching For Your Career & Life Direction . . .

Find your new life direction or career with the help of a life & career coach ... or get that perfect resumé.

Find Your New Career 0r Life Direction

This coaching is all about your new life direction and is both holistic and individualistic in its approach. If your career is your primary concern, your career will take center stage. If your direction is bigger than just your career, we take that on. We work with you and your whole life, while focusing in on what's most important to you. With honest intentions, you'll find your career or new life direction in just 12 weeks . . . guaranteed.

Find Your Perfect Resumé

Your potential employer has your resumé in hand long before you ever appear. If they don’t like what they see, you never will appear. It’s essential that you grab this employer’s attention. Just listing your experiences is not enough. You need to stand out. To get the job, you need an interview and your resumé could be your ticket in. We can help you stand out and shine for only $89!

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