Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to date.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Yes, coaching is different from therapy. Although there are areas of overlap, coaches don’t diagnose illnesses for mental health treatment as therapists do. And therapists spend more time on the past than coaches do. Coaches might consider the past, but their focus is on the present and future. Therapists spend more time on why, whereas coaches spend more time on how. In general, a therapist focuses more on the emotional aspect, whereas a coach focuses more on the practical aspect.

But coaching is not a replacement for therapy. Many people need what only a licensed mental health professional can provide. But not everyone who worries has an anxiety disorder, and many of those who do, will sometimes find that therapy only gets them to next week.

Here’s where coaching can make a difference. With the therapist’s approval, a person can often make incredible progress working with a coach between therapy sessions. And when a therapist finds a person does not require therapy, that person can often make great gains simply working with a coach.

What's the difference between coaching and consulting?

Yes, consulting and coaching are quite different, although there can still be some small areas of overlap. In a consulting relationship, the consultant has all the answers. In a coaching relationship, the one being coached has most of the answers but just needs a little help getting to them. A consultant will seek to understand your unique situation and then offer their solution.  A coach, on the other hand, listens to understand both your situation and to understand your solution.

How much do you charge for coaching?

Most of the coaching offered here costs $348/mo and is all inclusive. We seek to make the cost reasonable. However, we realize $348/mo might still be too much for some, and we hate to turn anyone away that might genuinely benefit from our services. If finances are an issue for you, attend one of our seminars to learn how you might be able to get your coaching here for far less, or even for FREE!  Through the power of, donors, and our desire to help as many people as possible, you will most likely discover other options for you to benefit from this coaching.