Specialized Coaching to Conquer Your Worry & Fears. . .

This coaching helps you overcome thoughts & emotions that are negatively affecting your life.

Anxiety Relief Coaching*

What if you didn't really worry so much anymore? What if anxiety no longer dominated your life?  This coaching is not so much about coping with worry, as it is about kicking worry and anxiety to the curb and feeling freedom again! This doesn't mean you will never feel anxious ever again in your life, but it does mean anxiety could no longer have the control over you it does now and no longer take center stage.* How does that sound?

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Please Note...

* Coaching is not therapy and is never a substitute for therapy. Coaching helps with the practical implementation of what is learned in therapy, as well as in developing habits in cognition, usually coupled with therapy, that can help one escape the patterns that can accelerate and spiral downward were they not interrupted. The coaching offered here should, therefore, be understood as a supplement to therapy, and not a replacement for it. We work with therapists here to identify symptoms that require therapy and we refuse to coach anyone so identified unless they are also seeing a licensed therapist or mental health professional, and that professional has given their approval for them to be coached by us.